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The Honey in the Bones

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My first collection of poetry, The Honey in the Bones: Poems to Rewild the Soul, was released into the wild on 21st December, 2022, via Golden Dragonfly Press. It was an Amazon bestseller, has received glowing reviews and led to nominations for The Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net Awards 2023.  

You can order the book direct from the Press here


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If your local independent bookshop doesn't have a copy in stock, please ask and they will be able to order it in for you.


A synopsis:

The book is a spell. A rewilding of the soul. A realignment with the sacred cycles of nature and our bodies, and an invocation to restore kinship, reciprocity and harmony in barbarous, disconnected times.


From one winter solstice to the next, we dance from darkness to light and back again, encompassing sweetness and bitterness, times of rest and celebration, grief and healing, and cohering in the beauty, magic and wisdom of embracing the whole. 'The Honey in the Bones' reminds us that the sweetness and nourishment we seek in life are always available within.


This is poetry as witchcraft, activism, healing, prayer and play. It is gentle, potent medicine for anyone who holds a vision for a kinder world. Above all, it is a love letter to an Earth on the cusp, and a mother's dream of hope for the future.'


Praise for the book:

“These poems are so beautiful - in direct, deceptively simple language, Caroline Mellor spins word spells that enchant, move and bind us back into the wild world that is our true home. There is both solace and challenge in these words, and a deep-rooted hope for change. A wonderful, heartfelt collection.”


- Anna Hope, prizewinning and internationally bestselling author of Wake, The Ballroom, Expectations and The White Rock

“The Honey in the Bones is a collection of evocative poems that remind people to slow down, look up and connect with their senses and surroundings. Caroline Mellor's prose is honest and thought provoking with themes of nature and nurture written from the heart.”


- Roxy Freeman, author of Times bestseller memoir, Little Gypsy



"Caroline’s words colour the page with exquisite imagery feathered with such emotion it makes my eyes weep with liquid sapphires. That sounds a bit odd I know, but true, as she writes with a deep connection to nature, a heart honouring Mother Earth and all of her precious children. Read her words. Feel her love and utter respect for life.  This magically talented human."


- Sally Mortemore, Award winning actress (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Game of Thrones, Elizabeth I) and author of online poetry collection Tulipa Moon

"Caroline's writing reveals a writer of great sensitivity and wisdom, with a gift for putting into words what she sees with her eyes and her heart. In reading her poems and stories, we discover a woman connected to nature, a loving mother who marvels at everything around her. Her texts, always poetic and hopeful, are like paintings that move us and stay with us forever. They are mirrors that reflect the beauty of the world back to you and leave you with a strong desire to embrace life and cherish the earth. Caroline's pen is a remedy for melancholy and a sweetness for the soul."

- Thomas Gaudex, Editor of Scribe and Curator of the poetry collection The Embrace of Dawn

“If you need a transfusion of love, light, and all things supplemented from Nature, then hold tight to Caroline Mellor’s book of poetry, Honey in the Bones. You will be transported to the crux of holy. Each word will grace your soul and send shivers to your heart. You will breathe deeper and feel the stillness you need. Like an exhale from the weight of this world, you will be touched by her transparency of being real.”

- Carolyn Riker, Author of My Dear, Love Hasn't Forgotten You and This is Love

“Caroline Mellor is a remarkable poet, and her poems are deep and thought-provoking. She touches the chords of your heart with her authentic writing style. Her poems talk about a whirlwind of romance, darkness, light, love, and despair, and most importantly, her words are like a magic wand which pulls you out of your setbacks. Many times we try to read someone whose words stay with us even after we are done reading, that's how Caroline's work is for me. Her never-dying spirit always raises me back to my feet. This book is a product of her strength along with her powerful voice.”

- Gurpreet Dhariwal, Author of My Soul Rants: Poems of a Born Spectator and Kaurageously Yours

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