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My Articles

A selection of published works.


In The Green Parent:

Ancient Ways


Make Your Own Spa

Ungardening – feature on small scale rewilding in The Green Parent, June 2020.

Rewild Your Life – cover feature, May 2017

The Five Elements of Chinese Medicine: A series published in the Green Parent


Spring Into Life: Wood Element 


The Calm Centre: Earth Element

Embrace Fire Element 

Breath of Life: Metal Element – issue 73


Winter Stillness: Water Element – issue 74

Personal Essays:

Motherlines in Braided Way

Where Giants Sleep

Rewilding the Field

Lost in the Mists


On the Beach, Midwinter

Dear Mothers of Lockdown

A Year of Homeschooling, or Unschooling, or Existing or Whatever 

About the Trip I Didn't Take to the Isle of Wight

Don't Ever Stop Looking For Unicorns


Five Essential Oils to Strengthen and Steady You This Winter

Cultivate Delight

The Indian Art of Timepass

Can Facebook Please Just Hurry Up and Die

When Going No Contact with an Emotionally Abusive Parent is the Only Option

So You Dated a Girl Who Travels


Among the Clouds – travel feature in Seven Days magazine, weekend supplement of the Brighton Argus

"Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day I can hear her breathing." - Arundhati Roy

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