My Articles

A selection of published works.


In The Green Parent:

Ancient Ways


Make Your Own Spa

Ungardening – feature on small scale rewilding in The Green Parent, June 2020.

Rewild Your Life – cover feature, May 2017

The Five Elements of Chinese Medicine: A series published in the Green Parent


Spring Into Life: Wood Element 


The Calm Centre: Earth Element

Embrace Fire Element 

Breath of Life: Metal Element – issue 73


Winter Stillness: Water Element – issue 74

Articles in other publications:

Where Giants Sleep - Travel writing in Scribe

Lost in the Mists - Travel writing in Scribe

Snails - Creative Nonfiction in Scribe

Dear Mothers of Lockdown - published in Home Sweet Home

A Year of Homeschooling, or Unschooling, or Existing or Whatever - in Family Matters

About the Trip I Didn't Take to the Isle of Wight in Age of Empathy

Don't Ever Stop Looking For Unicorns - Age of Empathy


Five Essential Oils to Strengthen and Steady You This Winter – published in In Fitness And In Health

Cultivate Delight - Age of Empathy

The Indian Art of Timepass - Age of Empathy

Can Facebook Please Just Hurry Up and Die - Counter Arts

When Going No Contact with an Emotionally Abusive Parent is the Only Option

So You Dated a Girl Who Travels - published in Elephant Journal


Among the Clouds – travel feature in Seven Days magazine, weekend supplement of the Brighton Argus

"Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day I can hear her breathing." - Arundhati Roy